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Pictures of Carrie & James

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Early Life in San Bernardino

Early Life with Grandma & Grandpa

Dance Performances in 2003

Vacation with Grandma & Papa - 2003

Eighth Grade Promotion, 6/15/2005

Sophomores Kidnap Carrie, 9/11/2005

Choral Performances 2008-2009

High School Graduation, 10/19/2009

First Car, 9/12/2010

Wedding 2014-Carrie becomes Mrs. Hall:

     Shopping for a Wedding Dress, 3/29/2014

     Bachelorette Party at Branding Iron, 7/12/2014

     Wedding Day in Carlsbad, CA, 8/8/2014 

Baby Shower, 11/11/2017

Miscellaneous Pictures from 2000 to 2010

Miscellaneous Pictures from 2011 to 2020